CXC LLC is a privately held company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We also have offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, New York.

CXC is a full-service marketing agency that helps clients succeed online & offline by creating astounding marketing solutions. CXC’s services start with a digital strategy that evolves into a complete solution including creativity, technology, and marketing. Our clients cover a wide-range of industries and are located all over the world.

CXC works with medium to large sized businesses, as well as leading brands, to create comprehensive and result-driven online marketing campaigns. In addition, CXC’s technology offerings, which range from e-commerce and content management systems to social networking platforms, allow companies to efficiently run their business while maintaining a high ROI and growth.

Mission Statement:

At CXC we believe that companies and individuals are in a sense one in the same in that no two are alike. In that sense we strive for a unique approach when it comes to marketing, for whoever the client may be, and devote as much personal attention as possible.

While competitors may think that a cookie-cutter approach is acceptable, we strive for the exact opposite and our quality is second to none.

We are unique in our work by dividing into separate divisions catered to specific industries. Our philosophy is to custom fit your wants and needs by using our experience and extensive skills, we take the time to understand each client individually in order to provide the best services available in the market today.

Cyrus Pan, Chief Executive Officer

Cyrus Pan, CEO at CXC, has a diverse background in interactive marketing with extensive experience with start-up opportunities.

At CXC, his excellent leadership and management skills enabled him to develop key partnerships and launch successful online marketing integration campaigns with major consumer brands. As CEO, he’s integrated CXC’s strategy with enterprise-wide and business-level innovation and growth plans. Pan is also a highly-skilled entrepreneur in new media/new product architecture, and digital technology.

He is able to clearly communicate the vision of the company in order to inspire staff, investors and customers. Pan strives on staying on top of industry trends through reading, attending conferences and joining trade associations to ensure that the direction and vision for the company is on course. The ability to see into the future is invaluable for steering clear of potential threats and capitalizing on future opportunities.

He has successfully directed clients like Yamabishi Corp. and General TechToyz and others in developing their digital media and online sales and marketing strategy. Through his creation of original content, the overall website traffic increased by 300%. As a luminary, Pan brings his vision and experience to spearhead CXC well into the 21st Century.